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Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Since its conception in the 1970s, the hot air popper popcorn maker has enjoyed quite a following, at least in the popcorn-making industry, to the point that some companies in the appliance business even modified their product lines that was supposed to manufacture hair dryers. And who wouldn’t want a popcorn maker that produces healthier snacks, and is low-maintenance as well. You see, liquids like oil and butter usually makes any appliance messy. But the real dealmaker is that these popcorn makers are an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy a fun snack without compromising health.

How the Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker Works

A hot air popper popcorn maker works by spinning the raw kernels on a central chamber. As the kernels swirl and eventually get to the vanes, hot air is introduced. Because of this heat, water inside the kernels is converted to steam, which consequently makes the fibrous hull expand. When the fibrous hull cannot take any more pressure, it, well, ‘pops’ and the fibers that are inside the kernel mix with the air. With that, popcorn is produced. Since the popcorn is now lighter, thanks to the water-in-the-kernel that was no longer there by evaporation, it is easier to blow the kernel out. Most air poppers have a receiving chamber or the finished products, but you might want to get a bowl ready for those that were built without one, or for one that might overflow.

Benefits of the Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Popcorn in itself is a very healthy snack. They are rich in fiber, which makes it a digestive tract-friendly food. It is also low-fat and contains very little sugar. They also have no sodium, unless of course you sprinkle some salt for flavor. They are easily considered a healthy snack for these reasons. However, preparing them with oil and cutter, especially in large amounts, or when you frequently indulge in some, may not be good at all for your heart – or your figure.

Some people also do not want the taste of oil to interfere with the flavor that they want, so they opt for hot air popper popcorn makers. Besides, hot air poppers generally produce fluffier popcorns and are less likely to produce unpopped corn kernels, when compared to oil-based poppers. However, if you want the good old buttery popcorn taste, you may not find hot air-popped corn kernels to your liking.

A hot air popper popcorn maker is the popper of choice for the health enthusiast. However, it may not be for anyone. If you are someone who would like to enjoy popcorn minus the guilt and the worries brought by unhealthy snacking, its high time you get one.

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Low-Fat Popcorn with an Air Popper

A hot air popper popcorn maker means you don’t need to go out for popcorn at the movies. Whether you’re at your own house or staying at your friend’s place, a movie night won’t be complete without a bowl of popcorn in your hands. Of course, it’s not just enough that you have the ingredients ready for this tasty snack. You also need to have the right cooking device to give you the most scrumptious popcorn. This is exactly what an air popper pocorn machine is for.

While most people use their microwave oven when cooking their popcorn, there is in fact a better way to do it. An air popper will be able to give you that tasty bowl of popcorn sans the high calories as well as the pricey process. Since microwave poppers usually require oil when you cook popcorn, this usually results to a more slimy meal. The good thing about using an air popper is that you can expect to throw out hot kernels immediately after the first phase of your cooking. While this may seem dangerous, it’s just one way to prove how effective an air popper popcorn machine is when cooking this type of snack.

If you want to make sure that you will create a tasty bowl of popcorn but with less calories, you can always purchase cooking oil spray. As soon as the popcorn comes out of the air popper, you can immediately spray cooking oil from the can. Remember though that you must keep an eye on your snack while it’s being cooked. You do not want to overcook your popcorn in the process. Prior to putting your popcorn in the popper, you may want to preheat it first for at least three minutes. Once it is heated, you can start pouring in the kernels. Make sure that you place the top on prior to closing the popper so that the heat will be concentrated inside the air popper.

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