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Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Since its conception in the 1970s, the hot air popper popcorn maker has enjoyed quite a following, at least in the popcorn-making industry, to the point that some companies in the appliance business even modified their product lines that was supposed to manufacture hair dryers. And who wouldn’t want a popcorn maker that produces healthier snacks, and is low-maintenance as well. You see, liquids like oil and butter usually makes any appliance messy. But the real dealmaker is that these popcorn makers are an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy a fun snack without compromising health.

How the Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker Works

A hot air popper popcorn maker works by spinning the raw kernels on a central chamber. As the kernels swirl and eventually get to the vanes, hot air is introduced. Because of this heat, water inside the kernels is converted to steam, which consequently makes the fibrous hull expand. When the fibrous hull cannot take any more pressure, it, well, ‘pops’ and the fibers that are inside the kernel mix with the air. With that, popcorn is produced. Since the popcorn is now lighter, thanks to the water-in-the-kernel that was no longer there by evaporation, it is easier to blow the kernel out. Most air poppers have a receiving chamber or the finished products, but you might want to get a bowl ready for those that were built without one, or for one that might overflow.

Benefits of the Hot Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Popcorn in itself is a very healthy snack. They are rich in fiber, which makes it a digestive tract-friendly food. It is also low-fat and contains very little sugar. They also have no sodium, unless of course you sprinkle some salt for flavor. They are easily considered a healthy snack for these reasons. However, preparing them with oil and cutter, especially in large amounts, or when you frequently indulge in some, may not be good at all for your heart – or your figure.

Some people also do not want the taste of oil to interfere with the flavor that they want, so they opt for hot air popper popcorn makers. Besides, hot air poppers generally produce fluffier popcorns and are less likely to produce unpopped corn kernels, when compared to oil-based poppers. However, if you want the good old buttery popcorn taste, you may not find hot air-popped corn kernels to your liking.

A hot air popper popcorn maker is the popper of choice for the health enthusiast. However, it may not be for anyone. If you are someone who would like to enjoy popcorn minus the guilt and the worries brought by unhealthy snacking, its high time you get one.


Buying an Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Nothing beats settling down in front of the couch with your favorite movie on the 32-inch flat panel TV and a bowl of good, old, guilt-free bowl of popcorn on your lap. How does one get a guilt-free snack, especially popcorn, these days anyway? The answer lies in the air popper popcorn maker. With this popper, no oil or butter is needed to come up with fluffy popcorns. Hot air is introduced to the kernels, in order to induce pressure through the steam produced inside the kernels. Popcorn makers of this type have been around for some time now, as they were initially manufactured during the 1970s. Take a look at the following before you buy one.

Air Popper Features

Does your popper have a bowl for catching popcorns or a chute so you won’t have to dig in? Will you be able to use it with oil and butter? While air popper popcorn makers use hot air, there are a few models that allow the use of oil as well. Be very careful when it isn’t explicitly stated that you may use some because you might end up messing up your popper. You might also want an automatic shut off feature that can be handy for multitasking and an additional safety measure as well.

Popcorn Quality

Popcorn makers might sometimes leave unpopped kernels. You can always set them aside and use them later. But it is better when this rarely occurs. The good thing about an air popper popcorn maker is that there are less unpopped corns. Popping the corns through hot air also results to a fluffier texture.

Air Popper Ease of Use

Operating poppers may not be rocket science, but it counts when a machine is user-friendly. Who needs a popcorn machine that needs high left-and-right hand dexterity? You might also want to know how easy it would be to clean the popcorn maker. Since you rarely need to work with oil on air popper popcorn makers, they are relatively easier to clean.

Air Popper Value for Money

A common mistake is when buyers look at the price tag alone. While it is true that prices vary greatly, you might be surprised that you are getting less than what you are paying for, despite the hefty price tag. Do a little comparison shopping. Compare features and product specs like capacity and wattages. Wattages determine how fast you can make those kernels pop. If speed isn’t your concern, you can always go for cheaper poppers with lower wattages.

Finding the air popper popcorn maker that can help you with your popcorn craving is no problem, especially when you know what to look for. Spending a few minutes to take a look at the features, ease of use, popcorn quality and value for money will make your dollar go a long way, when you buy a popcorn machine and go air popper shopping.